Learn these 5 Eco-Friendly Tips to Save the Planet

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day we are highlighting five ways to help our planet.

Leading scientific studies have shown that human activity has caused habitat lost, global warming and catastrophic natural disasters. Our oceans produce 85% of oxygen and are being desecrated faster than ever realized before. Time is running out to reverse the damage that has been done, we are the last generation that can do something about it. 

Here are five easy ways you can quickly and effectively protect and preserve the environment and wildlife:

1. Decrease your meat and dairy consumption. This is one of the most effective things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. It is great for your health and the welfare of animals. Going vegan is ideal, but we know it might not be realistic at first, so if you have to start small. First try to only eat animal products (fish and beef especially) twice a week for one meal only. Then, take it a step further by committing to leave four legged animals off your plate permanently (raising them does some of the worst damage to our environment). Try getting your family and friends involved to do a thirty day vegan challenge twice a year. There are so many great alternatives out there, we promise you will not miss anything- yes even bacon. 

*Sad truth: Farm animals are the number one producer of methane- one of the leading greenhouse gases. This combined with the effects of raising them produce more pollution than all forms of transportation combined. Today animal farming (including crops it takes to feed them) takes up more land than the 8 billion people on earth do. 

2. Vote with your wallet! Use your spending power to support local eco-friendly companies. Your money for goods and necessities has already been allocated, you just need to shift it to support brands that work to protect our environment. 

3. Become a minimalist. Make conscious decisions to live minimally and become a zero waste household. Say no to plastic packaging and all single use plastics. Start your own garden. Shop at local farmer's markets. Bring your own cup to Starbucks and your own reusable utensils with you. Say no to new plastics- especially micro plastics like Polyester in clothing. Plastic pollution has reached catastrophic levels. 

4. Say no to Palm Oil. It has snuck into everything and has a lot of different names so read your labels. Precious jungles and rainforests around the world are being torched at an alarming rate to make room for Palm Oil farms and livestock agriculture.  

5. Get active, vote, volunteer, sign petitions, spread the word. Let this identity transcend through all aspects of your life- what you wear, what you eat, how you vote and where you shop.

The earth needs us, Mother Nature, our children and all of the precious wildlife need us. Look in the mirror, you can be the change right now. Go for it! 

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